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News and Projects 2010 - 2011



December 20, 2010 - What a great event this afternoon!  Thanks and  congratulations to all for making it such a success.

Of course, MANY thanks to Kubilay, for providing the driving force  that enabled us to once again make this event happen, and for so  generously donating the meals and the business time at his restaurant. 
Thanks also, of course, to Hatice and Bengisu, and the great staff of  Turkish Delight who, together with Kubilay, made everyone feel so  welcome.  And many thanks to Don for his generosity and hard work in assembling  the gift packages that were so appreciated by all our guests.  Thanks to the volunteer serving - and singing - gang, including  President Bonnie, Peter, Bill L., Doug, Ellen, Rose, Hannah, Marlene,  and Maria, and a recent new 'Friend of Rotary', Bob McDonald of the 
Salvation Army. While no doubt we could have managed with less, "many  hands make light work" so they say!

And thanks to Heather, the Easter Seals team and all our special  guests for joining us on this very special occasion and enabling us  all to appreciate and experience - at least for a  fleeting couple of  hours - what Christmas - and Rotary - is really all about.

Best wishes for a very happy holiday!


Tareq Yousef



Adventure in Citizenship representative, Tareq Yousef,

who very eloquently told us about his fundraising projects at the school, including $5,000 for The Children's Wish foundation, and his participation on the school's Students Council.  He also thanked the club for sponsoring him.  We'll see Tareq again on June 30 when he will tell us about his Adventure.


Rotary Adventure in Citizenship


May 2 to May 5 , 2010




Our chosen student this year is Tareq Yousef. He is a 17 year old grade 11 student at Halifax West High School. He will attend our Apr 21 lunch meeting so you will have an opportunity to meet him before he attends the Adventure program. After he returns he will be our guest speaker at our June 2 nd luncheon when he will tell us about his experience in Ottawa.


The selection panel of Dick Hodgson , Ellen Rudderham-Gaudet and Bill Day firmly believe that Tareq is an excellent choice to represent our Rotary club and Nova Scotia at the Adventure program.


Read more about the program at





Aussie Guests


Cate, Nicole and Suzanne

At our May 12, meeting we were treated to not just one but four guest speakers, the members of the Australian GSE team. They were introduced by their team leader, and then in turn they presented us with a delightful mixture of their personal backgrounds, interests and hobbies, together with brief outlines of the history, geography and wildlife of Australia. A broad selection of good photographs polished the quality of the show.  Above: Cate Robinson, Nicole Symond-White and Suzanne Wright.





 On behalf of the Salvation Army and my Committee, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this year’s “Kettle Program”.

From my perspective, the volunteer roster was almost filled completely on my first request.

You folks are the very best (but you knew that). That’s why we’re Rotarians.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.


Don Hunt



Thanks Don.  Couldn't have done it without you.





 Hello all - Just to let you know that 'Hands on' Project No. 2 was
completed very successfully yesterday, with a totally refurbished
'boardroom' table (the main project), some drywall repair, some external caulking and repairs to a closet door .  Particular thanks are due to Steve B for his fine table redesign work, and his sawing/sanding skills, to Marlene for her expert drywall fixing contribution and valuable advice on caulking, and to John W. for his expert advice on almost everything, and for performing the role of team photographer.  We were ably supported by three
representatives from the ROMEO (Retired Old Men Enjoying Ourselves!)

Five of us enjoyed an excellent post-project lunch at the Old Port Pub and Grill , with Carol Charlebois (Ex. Dir. of MNPHA) as our guest.
The next project will be scheduled in about four to five weeks (i.e. late November or early Decemberr).  Ex. Dir. Wendy Fraser of Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (SHYM) is very keen to have us do some work at their place in Dartmouth.  This is a fine organization that would really appreciate our help.
I have tended to pick Thursday mornings between 1000 and 1200, because I can be sure of assembling a good team (say six to eight) from a combination of Rotary and Romeos.  Based on present advice maximum numbers available at any other time (- when the Romeo gang are
not available) fall to no more than two or three Rotarians.  I'd be delighted to help mobilize a project at some other time if we can be sure of assembling more substantive numbers of Rotarians.  These projects (a) are hugely appreciated (b) provide real opportunities for
fellowship, and (c) are great fun,    Feed me your ideas.  (They don't need to be 'handyman' projects).




The Golfers


 It Was A Texas Scramble:


Bill Day reported that he, Dick Hodgson, Doug Gregory, Calvin Clarke and Roger Chiasson, scored five under par at the Rotary Club of Middleton's golf tournament at New Scotland, last Friday June 4th.  And best of all, Calvin won a generator, certainly a useful prize ahead of the threat of more than the usual number of hurricanes this Fall.


January 19, 2011 - The District Governor Said:


DG Mark Brown 


D.G. Mark Brown was our guest speaker, and he was a good speaker.  In a District of 45 clubs with less than 1500 members he told us how he was trying to change the administration of the District from a pyramid of individuals to a team of committees devoted to specific tasks.  He listed the following five committees and outlined the objectives of each:

Membership  -  very important in the light of declining membership
Public Relations ( Media )  -  We must do a better job of broadcasting what Rotary is all about.   As an after thought Past D.G.Gordon Hankin and your Editor agreed that if 45 clubs blogged their websites they might create a significant public impact.
Communications  -  between clubs and members.  D.G. Mark believed too little attention was being given to this need. 
Recognition and Awards  -  Rotarians, like any other persons, appreciate being recognized for their contributions to the organization, and D.G. Mark urged clubs to give more attention to this.
The Rotary Foundation  -  He urged that full advantage be taken of the funds which are returned annually to the District through the Share program. 
D.G. Mark reminded us that the focus of Rotary is “ Building Communities “ and he urged clubs to try to fulfill the  requirements of the RI President’s Citation Award. 

D.G. Mark continued his presentation by talking to the following District goals:
1. Consistently Increase membership over the next three years
2. Hold two special Fellowship events each year
3. Identify and evaluate needs of communities and begin to process ways and means, including partnerships, to bring projects to fruition
4. Examine membership closely and identify those worthy of recognition
5. Encourage Rotarians in the District to travel to the third world to explore and experiences opportunities for service.
6. Encourage at least three clubs to sponsor an Interact and/or Rotaract club   As he quoted  “Youth are not 100%  of our population but they are 100% of our future “

As an aside with respect to the D.G’s last goal and quote, it is interesting to note that according to the RI website there are 33,000 Rotary clubs worldwide.  In contrast there are only 10,700 Interact clubs and 8,200 Rotoract clubs.  It seems Rotarians fail to follow through when they espouse the value of youth to our future.  That certainly can’t be said of the Northwest.

D.G Mark concluded his talk by summarizing the benefits of being a Rotarian, which we have all seen in various formats, but which are never the less very real, meaningful and rewarding.
His last slide urged us to “ Be involved.  Invest in the future, it is our best investment “

D.G. Mark was thanked by that Rotarian sage, Past D.G, John Williamson




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