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April 11, 2011


March 29, 2011


March 15, 2011


March 1, 2011


February 15, 2011


Hi Rotarians!

Here are the minutes from our last meeting! We also have the FULL total of the amounts fundraised and that is $568.65 which I think is a very lovely number to send on over to Japan. We've got banking information for a Rotary Club in the most affected area and will be sending the money there right after we set up our bank account on thursday :)

Lots of developments, I'm quite excited!

Enjoy the sunny weather!




Dalhousie Rotaract Club Meeting

Notes from April 11th, 2011


International Committee update:

  • Fundraising update: 484.15$
  • Further sales to be on Tuesday/Wednesday in the Sexton LINK @ 9-2pm


Community Service update:

  • Phoenix House meeting went wonderfully : interested in tailoring projects for both the group as a whole and for individual volunteers
  • Cyndi will visit in September for more info as she couldn’t make it tonight


Professional Service update:

  • N/A
  • Bye Serena!


Club Service update:

  • N/A


Finance update:

  • Bank account pending.


Recruitment for September

  • To do: Society Fair display & scheduling first meeting
  • Frosh week advertising?


*Rachel will most likely be attending to district conference for sure, still waiting on confirmation from district on funds to possibly send 2nd person, should know soon. 


Dalhousie Rotaract Club

Tuesday March 29, 2011, 6:50 –

Risley Residence, Meeting Room #1, Dalhousie University

 6100 University Avenue, Halifax





15 people in attendance,


Secretariat substitute

Kosta Georgakakos




Meeting Commenced at 6:50pm


  1. 1.      ABC’s of Fraud Presentation –
  2. 2.      By-Law Additions
    1. Clarify that only student members have voting power and that at least 1/3 of the executives must be from DAL.  Community members cannot hold a position but are allowed to vote.
    2. Specify quorum.  
    3. Addition of an impeachment process. 
    4. Addition of a finance section to outline signing officers and authorizing funds. 
  3. 3.      Brief Committee Updates
  4. 4.      Announcements




























































Meeting Ended 7:50pm.



  1. 1.      ABC’s of Fraud Presentation –

Bill VanGorder, the President of MRC Associates and a member of the Rotary Club of Halifax presented a brief presentation on the ABC’s of Fraud.

  1. 2.      By-Law Additions

Amendments of bylaws to satisfy DSU.


  1. Passed.
  2. Passed. Quorum established at 60%.
  3. Passed.
  4. Passed.


  1. 3.      Brief Committee Updates


International committee –

Started fundraising for Japan Natural Disaster on Friday 25th, 2010.  International Committee raised a total of $213.14 from fundraiser and are still in the process of selling the remainder of the cranes constructed.  Attempting to attain a table at the LSC building due to a high traffic area.


Sarina, Mary-Elssa, Rachel and Jacqueline are going to the meeting for Halifax rotary club on Thursday morning to attempt to sell more cranes for the cause.


Community service –

Had a meeting with Phoenix House this morning. Rachel, Mary-Elssa, Tasha and Dick attended. Phoenix House is very excited for the partnership.  Numerous programs within the Phoenix House to chose from.  If someone is interested for 1 on 1 volunteering, we will set up an online sharing thing where we will allow you to list your interest and special skills that can be worked into a project.  Have a communal community service day as a whole. 


Cindy from Phoenix House is willing to come to our last meeting to brainstorm what we are able to do with them, such as volunteering over the summer.


April 11th, 2011 is the last meeting for this school year.


Club service –

Website underway.  Bowling was fun… only 5 attended.


Professional committee –

Follow up meeting/presentation for ABCs of fraud possible for September.


Finance –

Still waiting on a bank account. Collected $50 for t-shirts


  1. 4.      Announcements 


Camp Tidnish is looking for counselors and infirmary assistant.  Camp counselors would work from June 4th until August 28th.


Officially ratified by rotary international.  Presentation of plaque


Presentation of membership cards


Convention. Still awaiting information from the district, if we receive money we can probably send 2 people at a subsidized cost or 1 on a fully paid trip





Dalhousie Rotaract Club

Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2011

Attendance: 20 members

Called to order at 6:47pm


Committee Updates

International Service Committee

  • Nightclub fundraiser at Pacifico – April date not available, project was rescheduled for late-September 2011
  • Idea raised: Hope for Japan fundraising/awareness campaign re: “Thousand Cranes”
    • Meeting on either Sunday/Saturday to make paper cranes that will be sold, by donation, in the SUB and around campus to support Japan Relief efforts along with poster/giant card that students/faculty can sign as a hope sign.
    • To do: find paper, book table at the SUB or LSC, iron out poster/card details and supplies
    • Sign up sheet for making the cranes was sent around
    • Paper-crane instructor volunteer attained – thanks Sarina!

Community Service Committee

  • Group is meeting with Phoenix Center tomorrow
  • Arts Gallery project details/ideas:
    • Look for sponsorships in ad-form within the gallery-show pamphlets
    • Double-down bidding style to raise more money
    • Admissions fee (to be finalized later)
    • Summer to dos: look for gallery donations or volunteer local artists/gallery owners to help

Professional Development Committee

  • Next meeting – first speaker! Topic: Internet Fraud
    • Presentation begins at 7:15pm, and we will, as normal, have a brief general meeting at 6:45pm. Be on time, please.
    • We will have Rotarian guests for both the meeting and presentation
    • Keep eyes open for ideas for next year!

Club Service Committee

  • Website is coming together, should be together for next meeting
  • Year end social event – Bowling. Consensus date is March 26th, 2011.


Convention updates

  • Misinformation- cost for convention does not include hotel – approx 140$/night
  • Halifax Rotary Club set aside $800 for use to send someone to convention
    • There might be no one able to attend this year
    • Request to hold that money until next year


Tshirt Update

  • Approx 10$/person and will be available for September recruitment
  • Send tshirt ideas to Rachel



  • Last meeting on MONDAY April 11th, at 6:45pm
  • Fundraising idea over the summer: Bottle donations from local bars and night clubs (Grawood?) for recycling or local bottle drive.



Dalhousie Rotaract Club Meeting

Notes from March 1st, 2011


Attendance: 17 members


International Committee update:

  • focus: polio fundraising for polio plus
  • ideas: bake sale, bbq and pacifico
  • bake sale in HSC mall or Park Lane
  • Pacifico fundraiser supported by club, date pending (March 31st or April 7th ?)
  • To do: book date with Pacifico, create poster campaign, facebook group and coordinate ticket sales


Community Service update:

  • Two organizational focuses: Phoenix Center (center for homeless/at risk youth) and IWK (program for young couples with new families). Both organizations are in need of household items as well as man-power hours (paperwork concern)
  • Consensus of club to focus on Phoenix Center for immediate project
    • Individuals interested in meeting with the Phoenix Center, drop email to
  • Future idea/ possible annual event – Art Gallery & Auction
    • Guided by club’s yearly theme
    • Involve kids @ phoenix Center?
    • Auction all works and award the highest-bidded artist with the money from their work
  • Future idea – Just Us! Coffee house fundraiser


Professional Service update:

  • First speaker coming March 29th to speak on general & internet fraud
  • Rotary meetings going well.


Club Service update:

  • We have a committee, yay!
  • Will meet soon, website pending.


Finance update:

  • No ratification yet.


Call for members to attend Halifax Rotary meeting  on March 16th @ 12:00pm

  • Mairi & Kosta are interested


ABC’s of Fraud – how’d it go?

  • Wonderful! Moral of story: do NOT carry your SIN card with you.


Convention for Area 7820 update:

  • Reminder: May 12-15
  • $200 for food/lodging/convention registration
  • Jacqueline, Ece, Sarina interested
  • For next meeting: fundraising ideas?


Tshirt update: Approx $10 for plain tshirts, but possible connection through Ece. More  information to come!




Dalhousie Rotaract Club Meeting
February 15th, 2011


1) Overview


a. Rachel introduced the RI “four way test”
     i. Is it the truth?
     ii. Is it fair to all concerned?
     iii. Will it build good will and better friendships?
     iv. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
b. 2010/2011 theme for reference: building communities, bridging continents


2) Committee Updates


a. International Service
     i. Decided on desire to proceed through a Canadian agency
     ii. Fundraising ideas ? M.F sent out an email re: children’s health opportunities in Panama
b. Community Service
     i. In contact with director @ IWK to pinpoint community needs
     ii. * check with Dick/other Rotarians for contacts
c. Professional Development
     i. Speakers from the Career Center are unavailable because of meeting times ? idea: contact local interact founders
     ii. Plan Bs: Bring in Rotarians, US consulate worker
d. Club Service
     i. Website is coming.
     ii. Recruitment ideas/goals: society fair in September & local high schools
e. Finance
     i. Bring your dues. 
     ii. Curling was fun; 50$ subsidy was needed from club accounts


3) ABCs of Fraud event


a. All day Thursday, Feb 24th


4) Rotary Club NW meeting 12-1:30pm, Wednesday Feb 23th

a. Rachel, Sheena and Philippa will attend


5) District Conference – May 12th-15th  in St. Johns Newfoundland


a. Accommodation through NWFLND rotaract? Talk to Heather.
b. DSU money grants?
c. Idea: fundraising dinners, perhaps? (Finance committee took this on)
Next meeting – March 1st :

• Tshirts (10$) ? perhaps Grocery bagging
• Bring CONRETE suggestions for projects
• Nametags + snacks



Rotaract Meeting Minutes






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